t:h:e: r:e:a:l: proposes the term psychedelia as an anachronic mover of critical thinking. From today’s point of view, the exhibition wishes to investigate the psychedelic promise of becoming through historical breaks and continuities, as well as through contemporary artistic and theoretical perspectives. In the 1960s counter-culture hallucinogenic experiences were valorised in terms of ‘mind expansion’, and the scandal of drug-taking defended with holistic and totalising metaphors; the exhibition’s point of departure is instead to view intoxication independently of political and moral judgment, as a critical technology and creative mode. In this way t:h:e: r:e:a:l: is committed to explore psychedelia as an estranged and at all times irritated practice that understands the nervous system as a site of production to develop a critique of experience and to dis-identify dominant modes of reality.

Artists: Søren Andreasen, Vytautas V. Lansbergis and Armando Andrade Tudela, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Inspection Medical Hermeneutics and The Otolith Group, Jonas Mekas, Till Mycha/Fungiculture journal, Vincent de Roguin, Yann Tytelman and Lars Bang Larsen.

Curated by: Lars Bang Larsen at Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, 2015