“What name can you give the source from which all names have sprung?” (from the poems of Lal Dĕd). Desire is the most laborious force that plays with visual and tactile sensations that the living souls wants to translate into a material asspiration. Humans create the whole world of meanings and language to come closer to the horizon of a fantasy, subject or affect they desire. The things are given names thus an ownership.

During the residency I worked on the subject of desire, and the way it travels inside the human body. I got in touch with BDSM practitioners in Turin, asking them about their work as a form of care and learning about their practise, politics and body language they develop mutually with their partners. Hands that grow from the heart—were the words I carried with me after these meetings. As an outcome I made a workshop exploring the submissive and dominant gestures.

Two months fellowship at Cripta747 residency in Turin, Italy. Photo: Sebastiano Pellion Di Persano