“All life is semiotic and all semiosis is alive. In important ways, then, life and thought are one and the same: life thinks; thoughts are alive.“ (Eduardo Kohn, How Forests Think: Towards an Anthropology Beyond the Human)

If thoughts are alive then they, like everything else, move and alter their form in reaction with the outside world and in tune to an inner metabolism. Let us say, then, that artworks in an exhibition, the architecture, the relation between the works and the space—are all materialised thoughts, charged with an energy that does not simply vanish, but continues to spread in new forms, like memories, rumors, critical reviews, copies or other artworks. Artist Mindaugas Navakas’ exhibition is experienced by Viktorija Rybakova in this manner, turning it into a book—a means of inspection, a hommage, a new sequence of thought and its’ medium. (Ruta Juneviciute, CAC Vilnius)