I was invited to present my work in the cave situated in the city center of Athens. For this project I choose to focus on a birth ritual through the sound piece that I made a few years ago. The work, made in collaboration with sound artist J.G. Biberkopf, dives into a cellular memory inscribed in every particle of our bodies and explores the first erotic sensations we develop and memorise while being inside of the mother’s belly. Birth and Death is something that unites us, says one of the many birth assistants who chose to dedicate her life energy to support a new life emerging to this world. Perhaps we can assist each other through a deeper understanding on what it is to be alive among other living, breathing and contemplating beings? As Sylvia Frederici states: “The construction of the alternative society must begin with the profound transformation of the activities by which we reproduce our lives and the relations that sustain them.” My vague relationship with understanding what is birth, turned upside down when I approached the subject and birth care workers in Athens, a city which has the largest amount of C-section cases in the world. I invited doulas and people who wanted to share their birth stories for an evening in the cave, to reconnect to the primary material—the darkness—an uncounscious, intuitive, sensing matter.

In one of the pictures twin brothers listening to the piece.

Nurseries of the unconscious is a site-specific project in the natural cave in the city center of Athens curated by Christian Oxenius and Nikolas Ventourakis. Organized together with Yellow Brick a non-profit space in Athens.

Photo: Nikolas Ventourakis