“Prototypes” is a pilot project of the XII Baltic Triennial and will consist of several events, publications and an exhibition in the façade window on the Contemporary Art Center’s upper floor, a space that until now served as an office.Visitors who have been opening the door of this office throughout the years hoping for the exhibition to continue behind it, will now instead of a regular door find a new one, designed by Viktorija Rybakova, and behind it—a panorama of Vilnius Old Town, drawings by Maris Bišofs and Antanas Gerlikas and a film by Piotr Bosacki. By the end of 2014 the wall that holds this rotating door will disappear, and the door itself will become a four-fold partition. ( Virginija Januskeviciute, CAC Vilnius)

If various instruments and technologies are once in a while labelled state-of-the-art, the exhibition “Prototypes” turns this formula around and asks if a contemporary artwork could perhaps also be an instrument, a model or a conceptual device outside the realm of art.

That which is left behind projects itself into the future. Walking through shadows, spectators experience the inability of the senses to embrace the totality of the space. The work produces the experience of a non-place, while making room for creative imagination and intensifying the experience of time. (Videobrasil)