I was invited for one week residency at Fundação Iberê Camargo where I worked in a litography workshop and produced colored prints on paper and T-shirts. The workshop and graphic department is run by Brazilian artist Eduardo Haesbaert who was an assitant to Iberê Camargo, the expressionitst Brazilian painter who worked with diverse printing techniques. This print was made using mixed technique of etching and aquatint. To make this work I used imprint of a local plants on a goat fat. As a result you get fine imprint of all cellular details of the plant which resemble human organs such as heart or lungs and hand palms. Hands that grow from the heart-was a thought that I carried with me to Brazil. While looking for a plant to use in the litography workshop I did short videos, that I gathered together in one minute which was used in Ana Vaz’s edited film “Hands that see, eyes that touch”.